About Swede & Savory

I’m a total foodie moving back and forth between the US and Sweden, who likes to combine European techniques with American flavors!

Cooking comfort food – American or traditional Swedish food (or “Husmanskost”) – from scratch are major passions of mine! Currently, I am in the middle of Medical School and cooking on a budget is a major priority. Cooking from scratch is a great way to cut costs; get in the habit of cooking larger batches and planing your meals, I promise that you will begin to look forward to opening a pack lunch!


7 responses to “About Swede & Savory

  1. You have reached the Rocky Mountains and Boulder foodies here.
    Looking forward to following your Blog…xo

  2. Love this! Look forward to following your inspirations
    I love cooks magazine as well….
    Such a pretty one you are! mid summer beauty! 🙂 XX Auntie G.

  3. Hi! Love this blog. I’ve been looking for pear ice cream in my country (UK) for pretty much my whole life and have never found it. I have an ice cream maker and am looking for a recipe to make authentic tasting Swedish pear ice cream. If you have any ideas, I’d love to read them.

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