Messy Oreo Brownie Cake

American and Swedish fusion is what this blog is about,  my mom is an American and my Father is Swedish so my cooking is a mix just like me! I have decided I need to make a Swedish-American fusion dessert, several thoughts went through my head until I reached an obvious conclusion! Kladdkaka is a Swedish brownie cake, but it is really messy – actually what its name means in Swedish – it is supposed to be pretty loosely set. That would be the Swedish part, and what is more American than Oreos! When you cut into the brownie cake you see the whites of the Oreos, and there is a really great dark chocolate flavor to the whole cake!

When it comes to desserts I don’t really have a sweet tooth, my boyfriend really does though so he is so happy I decided to make a Franken-dessert. He actually got so excited he biked to the store in the rain to buy ingredients when he heard what it was!

A super easy way to do the water bath for melting the chocolate is just to put a Pyrex measuring cup into a boiling pot of water, the handle of the measuring cup can rest on the side and stabilize the measuring cup. This meant I didn’t have to stand there holding the bowl constantly, and could mix the other ingredients at the same time. It was surprisingly stable. I have a picture of what it looked like below.

Messy Oreo Brownie Cake

2 eggs

100 g butter

100 g chocolate (at least 70%)

2.5 dl sugar

1 dl flour

2 tsp vanilla sugar

4 tbs cacao powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 dl cream

  1. Preheat oven to 175 C°. Beat together the eggs and sugar until porous. 
  2. Melt chocolate, preferably in indirect heat like a water bath (be careful not to splash water into the chocolate it makes it go wonky!). As the chocolate is melting mix the rest of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl with the other ingredients, stirring constantly or use an electrical mixer.
  4. Place the Oreos in a buttered spring pan. Pour the mixture over the Oreos, shaking the pan and knock the sides of the spring pan so that the batter really envelops the Oreos.
  5. Crumble a couple Oreos and spread the crumbles on top of the brownie. 
  6. Bake for 20-25 minutes depending on how loose you want it, keep in mind that it is supposed to be pretty loose and messy. Serve with a glass of milk!


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