Basic Poultry Brine

Basic poultry brine

A brine is a great way to infuse your chicken with more flavor and moisture before you cook/grill/fry etc. This is a starting point for a basic brine, and you can add spices or play around by substituting with different liquids, sugars, and salts.

1 gallon of warm water

3/4 cup kosher salt

2/3 cup sugar

1Tbs of course ground black peppar

Here you can get creative, I had this smoked sea salt that I substituted some of the salt for. There are so many different types of salts and flavored salts. Just remember that when you are substituting salt you can’t always go by volume since the granular salt are obviously more dense then the finishing salts (flaky salts), instead consider substituting by weight.

The sugar in the brine is to tone down some of the salty flavor that would be present otherwise, and here you can use molasses, cane sugar, or brown sugar to get different flavors in your brine. Also, check out my pork brine here along with a great Chocolate and chili spice rub!

In this brine, I used a natural raw sugar (demerera or turbinado etc.) with a course grown salt mixed with smoked sea salt. I had whole bone-in chicken breasts with the skin still on. Also, I added the course ground peppar and some green peppercorns. I didn’t use any other spices this time, but rosemary or cumin are both nice additions. Store in the refrigerator for at least 1-1,5 hours.


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